Canada Research Centre on Inclusive Education

Central East Region

Brock University

Dr. Sheila Bennett Dr. Sheila Bennett (Professor; Brock University, Ontario) works in the area of policy and practical issues in the field. Through her research work, publications, and speaking engagements, she has collaborative relationships with universities, school boards, and community associations (e.g., Six Nations Aboriginal Community Consortium; Ontario Brain Injury Association) across Canada.
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Dr. Tiffany Gallagher Dr. Tiffany Gallagher (Associate Professor, Brock University, Ontario) specializes in survey design and case study methods. Within the past few years, she has worked closely with two school boards in the Niagara region of Ontario as a consultant researcher for projects that these school boards were implementing in the areas of professional development, and literacy for struggling students.
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Lasalle College

Prof. Roberta Thomson (Course Instructor, McGill University, and LaSalle College) has a passion to facilitate learning and empowerment of individuals through the use of technology in accessible learning environments. She has been working to support the Office for Students with Disabilities at McGill in its promotion of the concept of Universal Design for Learning. Her area of expertise is Universal Design for Learning, Assistive Technology, Special/Inclusive Education.
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McGill University

Dr. Tara Flanagan Dr. Tara Flanagan (Assistant Professor, McGill University, Quebec). Her main research and theoretical interests lie in the areas of social cognition, social inclusion, and social policy for persons with developmental disabilities. She is particularly interested in the transition from school to the community for young adults with disabilities, self-determination, and in the notions of adulthood and quality of life for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.
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Queens University

Dr. John Freeman Dr. John Freeman (Professor, Queen's University, Ontario) is Director of the Social Program Evaluation Group at Queen's University). His research focuses primarily on how schools can be made more welcoming places for students, teachers, and parents.
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Dr. Nancy Hutchinson Dr. Nancy Hutchinson (Professor, Queen's University, Ontario) has published textbooks and casebooks on inclusive education used extensively in teacher education across Canada. For the past 10 years, she has focused much of her research on enhancing co-operative education and workplace learning for youth with disabilities and at-risk youth.
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University of Ottawa

Dr. Jessica Whitley Dr. Jessica Whitley (Associate Professor, University of Ottawa, Ontario) teaches and conducts research in the area of educational psychology and inclusive education. She is particularly interested in the psychosocial outcomes and mental health functioning of all students but particularly those with exceptionalities.
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Western University

Dr. Elizabeth Nowicki Dr. Elizabeth Nowicki (Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario) is a former elementary school teacher. Her research focuses primarily on peer relations and diversity.
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Dr. Jacqueline Specht Dr. Jacqueline Specht (Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario) teaches in the area of educational psychology and special education. Currently she is the director of the Centre for Inclusive Education and teaches in both the pre-service and graduate programs. Her research interests encompass pedagogical issues surrounding the participation of children in the school system.
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Wilfrid Laurier University

Dr. Steve Sider Dr. Steve Sider (Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario) focuses on educational leadership and developing caring, inclusive school cultures, spanning alternative contexts such as Haiti, Thailand, various First Nations groups, and independent schools. He serves on the Regional Special Education Committee (Ministry of Education, London region).
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