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McKenzie Vanderloon

McKenzie Vanderloon

McKenzie Vanderloon is a Ph.D. candidate at Western University in the field of School and Applied Child Psychology at the Faculty of Education. She is supervised by Dr. Jacqueline Specht. McKenzie's research will focus on the development of inclusive practices in beginning teachers. As a new Ph.D. student, she is eager to explore this area of research and to develop a question for her dissertation. McKenzie has conducted previous graduate-level research which focused on children's cognitive development in the classroom. To better foster children's academic and social sucess, McKenzie has a strong interest in understanding the teacher's perspecitve of teaching in a classroom with children of all abilities.

McKenzie Vanderloon's  Research


Nicole Forest

Nicole Forest is a student in the M.A. Ed. program at the Université de Moncton in New Brunswick. Along with working as a Research Assistant with the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education since 2015, Nicole has been working under the supervision of Dr. Angèla AuCoin on her thesis. Nicole's research explores the transformation of secondary school students' representations of diversity. Funded by SSHRC, the project involves producing a participatory theatre play with the students in order to initiate discussions and reflections on the concept of diversity. Giving the students a voice and interpreting their experience lies at the heart of her project. Nicole has recently presented the early stages of her work at the Laboratoire international sur l'inclusion scolare (LISIS) held in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Nicole Forest's Research

Jen Poole

Jen Poole is a Ph.D. student in Educational Psychology, working under the supervision of Dr. Donna McGhie-Richmond at the University of Victoria, B.C. Her research will involve looking at the Beginning Teachers Study (BTS) data collected on preservice teachers' efficacy at the end of their preservice programs, and identifying the characteristics of the preservice programs that lead to a stronger sense of teacher efficacy. Jen began her career as a classroom teacher in 2001, and has since worked in various capacities supporting student success, including work as a Learning Resource Specialist, Educational Consultant, and Sessional Instructor. She is pleased to join the BTS team as a Research Assistant working on the Knowledge Mobilization aspect of the project.

Jen Poole's Research