Canada Research Centre on Inclusive Education
  • Children in a classrom

    When everyone is included, everyone learns.:

    When everyone is included, everyone learns.

  • Students helping each other

    Problem solving together.:

    Problem solving together.

  • Students helping another student doing a handstand

    A supporting environment for everyone.:

    A supporting environment for everyone.

What is the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education?

Connections have been established, creating a strong group of renowned researchers in inclusive education at universities all across Canada. Although many Canadian scholars are involved in research that is directly related to inclusion, there has not been national voice for research in this area - until now.

By researching and sharing our findings with educators, relevant organizations and agencies across Canada and around the world, collectively we aim to empower teachers and others with the knowledge they need to be effective with all students, including those with exceptional needs.

The goal of the centre is to encourage collaborative investigations of theories and practices in an effort to enhance the educational opportunities of all students with exceptionalities. The Centre is committed to sharing research findings and resources with academics, educators, and families.

The Centre for Inclusive Education is evolving, and has become the national headquarters of the Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education.