Selected Current Publications

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Response to Covid-19 Challenges:

The Covid-19 pandemic demanded a quick response to gather and share insights. Dr. Jessica Whitley led a team comprised of Centre members Specht, MacCormack, Matheson, Maich and Sider to research and report on diversity at a distance and the lessons learned from families supporting students with special education needs during remote learning. Citation:

Whitley, J., MacCormack, J., Matheson, I., Specht, J., Sider, S., & Maich, K. (2020). Diversity via distance: Lessons learned from families supporting students with special education needs during remote learning. Education Canada, 60(4).


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Journal Articles

MacCormack, J., Sider, S., Maich, K., & Specht, J. (2021). Self-determination and inclusion: The role of Canadian principals in catalysing inclusive-positive practices. International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership, 17(2). 

Sider, S., Maich, K., Morvan, J., Villella, M., Ling, P., & Repp, C. (2021). Inclusive school leadership: Examining the experiences of school principals in supporting students with special education needs. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, 21(2). 

Bennett, S., Specht, J., Somma, M. et al. (2020). Navigating school interactions: Parents of students with intellectual disabilities speak out. Current Developmental Disorders Report 7, 149–154

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Maich, K., Sider, S., Morvan, J., Specht, J., Smith, D. (2020). Making the unknown or invisible accessible: The collaborative development of inclusion-focused open access case studies for principals and other school leaders. Exceptionality Education International Special Issue, 30(2), 68-79.

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Young, G. D., Philpott, D., Butler, E., Maich, K. & Penney, S. C. (2019). Exploring the impact of quality early child education on special education: Can we prevent placement in special education? Exceptionality Education International, 29(3), 6-21.  


Books and Book Chapters

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Hutchinson, N. L., &  Specht, J. A. (2020). Inclusion of learners with exceptionalities in Canadian schools. Pearson Education Canada.  Recipient of 2020 Book Award from Exceptionality Education Canada.




 Bennett, S., Gallagher T., Somma, M., White, R. & Woldczyk, K (2020) Transitioning from segregation to inclusion: An effective and sustainable model to promote inclusion through internal staffing adjustments and role redefinition.  In Goldan, J., Lambrecht, J & Loreman T. Resourcing Inclusive Education, Vol 15.  Emerald Publishing.  

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Katz, J. & Lamoreux, K. (2018).  Ensouling our Schools: A Universally Designed Framework for Mental Health, Well-Being, and Reconciliation. Winnipeg, MB: Portage & Main Press.