Dr. Erin Keith

Dr. Erin Keith

Assistant Professor

Dr. Erin Keith is an Assistant Professor at St. Francis Xavier University (StFX). Her teaching and research focus on inclusion, EDIIADB literacy related to special education and mental health, culturally responsive and relevant pedagogies including engaging families and caregivers as partners, and supporting students through a strength-based lens using Nova Scotia’s multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) model. Erin uses a decolonizing praxis in her research methodologies inspired and guided by many Indigenous, Black, and racialized scholars. She obtained her Doctor of Education from Western University, her Master of Education from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and her Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University. As an Ontario Certified teacher, Erin has worked for over 16 years in public education primarily focused on Special Education roles such as ASD Itinerant, Special Needs Itinerant, Behaviour Support Itinerant, and in-school Special Education teacher. Erin’s recent co-authored book entitled,  Reframing Mental Health in Schools: Using Case Stories to Promote Global Dialogue shares stories of students from across the globe and how mental health is advocated within their country. She has also contributed and written book chapters on topics such as leadership in Early Childhood education, embracing math inquiry, ‘whiteness’ in principal leadership, among several others in development. Erin is a member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals. She has also written for EdCan Network, NAEYC, and been featured on TVOLearn. In addition to her scholarship, Erin partners and learns alongside teacher leaders from across the country including educators and administrators within various Regional Centres for Education in Nova Scotia.  

Research interests / projects: Currently working on an action research project that infuses hygge (who-gge) characteristics into teacher education spaces and places that invites BEd students to explore their own wellness praxis and lead others in their experiential exploration.  

Other areas include: inclusive education, educational leadership, whiteness in MTSS implementation, and belonging. Awaiting SSHRC PEG and CIHR outcomes on submitted grants. 

Twitter: @DrErinKeith 

Linkedin: Dr. Erin Keith